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Italy nowadays

Hello to everyone, 

tourists, previous clients, agents and 1st time navigators on Bespoke Italian Tours' website.

This is our first blog post since we never thought a blog would have been necessary for this kind of website and for the services we offer. We decided to have this section to always update anyone interested in our offers with some new information related to tourism in Italy, to new openings, to update you on our new tours releases and, in moments like the one we are facing now, to give you updates on what is happening in Italy. We are now facing a terrible moment on all levels, but tourism is definitely one of the most severely hit industries in our country.

We received complete cancellations from early March to July and we haven't received any new request for this summer at this moment. We don't know how things will evolve in the next months. What we can say, though, is that we are more than ready to bring you around as soon as you will be ready to come. In Italy we are facing a complete lockdown which will partially end on May 3rd. By then many activities will re-open but not the totality of them. We are hopeful that by July most places will be working and available. It is to say that each country in the world is in a different status related to the Covid-19 pandemic, so we do understand that many countries won't be able to host or to have their citizens leave so easily. Many have mandatory self-quarantine once returning or a mandatory quarantine while entering in a country, so if you are not staying at least a month it is just not worth it to travel. As said, we will update our blog with new information each time the government will be updating the rules of this "re-opening". Due to this incredible crisis, as a company we are willing to incentivate every possible traveller during 2020 with a 10% discount on service you will require, plus making sure you feel comfortable and safe travelling with us by sanitazing our vehicles every day and providing, if needed and requested, masks and light plastic-rubber gloves. We are potentially still active and allowed to work even at this moment if necessary, although with severe restrictions related to n. of passengers and social distancing. 

Hopefully this will end soon and we will be ready to receive you in a more relaxed situation.

For any info or request, feel free to write us anytime on our website chat or by email to

Hope to see you soon in Italy!

Lets all take care, as our italian motto says: "andrà tutto bene" (it will all go for the best).

thank you!

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